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Persian Love Cake (and Persian Love Cake Truffles)

  Legend has it that this cake, was made by a woman to make a prince fall in love with her. After having finally tried this cake, I can believe that he did, in fact, fall for this woman who definitely knew her way around the kitchen.  This cake is perhaps one of my favorite cakes out there. The whispering layers of spices and a gentle touch of sweetness is what my recipe brings to your pallet. This love cake is an honor to Persian staples in the sweetest form. The earthy cardamom, bright rosewater, humming saffron, and nutty nudge of almond meal make each bite a little trip to ancient Persia.  I made my own recipe because I truly have too many opinions and desires to listen to someone else. My version of the cake is very low in sugar, not too rose water-y and you can still enjoy the whispers of cardamom and saffron seducing you in the background.  I also added the whipped cream because I feel it freshens up the notes in the cake (sounds paradoxical but I swear it does). The glaze on th

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