Soup-e-Jo - Creamy Persian Barley Soup

Serves 10-12 as written

2 cups barley (pearled or not)

1 large onion chopped and fried

2 cups shredded carrots

2 cups shredded mushrooms (or minced) 

1 head garlic minced (2 table spoons)

1 teaspoon turmeric 

1 whole chicken breast (2 sides)


2 tbs flour 

2tbs butter

2 cup milk or cream 

Top with 

1 handful of parsley or cilantro 

Chicken or veggie broth about 2 quarts

I add meat to mine so I small pieces of 1 whole (2 sides) of a chicken breast cut into pieces or about one pound of rendered ground meat of choice. Both are yummy. 


Chose your barley wisely: you can used pearled barley or hulled barley. Hulled is better for your health as it is a whole grain, however the pearled barley is a bit more processed, is lighter in color, and quicker to cook. The pearl barley has an extra layer t hat is removed in comparison to the hulled barley. 


Wash your barley of choice (hulled or pearl) and add to your liquid of choice. 

Chop and fry your onions, and while that's frying, Grate your carrots and mushrooms. 

Add to your veggies to the barley and raw cut chicken pieces allow to thicken .The barley blooms and thickens the soup naturally on its own to some extent. You can add the dairy (bechamelle) at this point or not. Traditionally it is creamy but I make it both ways and both ways is delicious. 

You can prepare your bechamelle on the side while the soup thickens. 

Melt your butter and add your flour. 

Add to your soup, and allow to boil down. The soup will thicken after a good hour of simmering on low-medium heat. 

To serve add some fresh parsley or cilantro. We had cilantro in the garden so that's what's here. 





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