Valentine's Day treats


 I LOVE LOVE! I love everything about love. All types of love and all that is love. I have always loved Valentine's Day even when I was single. My mom always made it special for me, and would leave me love notes, so for me it was a holiday about love, not romance. 

So it's just normal I make cookies and spread the love with friends and family and neighbors every year. This was last year's batch. 

I have switched to using fondant instead of royal icing. I prefer the texture and love the flavor combo so much more! The cookie stays moist and is just less sweet. 

I make industrial batches :) And LOVE it. My husband? not as much ;)

 I occupy the kitchen for a good 3 days. I have learned that I can do it all in one night but chose to sleep so one night of making the cookies, one night of adding the fondant and decorating and one night of packing is more my norm.

I try to make it memorable for the kiddos too. I love the magic of them waking up to tables ready to celebrate, weather it be their birthday, or a holiday.

I go crazy with school lunches and meals as well (when we weren't on virtual learning). 

And I always buy myself and the kiddos flowers. 

Lots of love to you! Always,



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