Surprise Cookies

For all of you who actually frequent my blog, I apologize for the lack of substance lately. My menus are very restricted. My meals consist of all-dressed Ruffles (something I think only found in Canada) chip sandwiches, granola bars, ice, and cheesecake. Nothing your local drug store can't provide. For further explanation, please see below:


I'm 10 weeks pregnant! 

My husband said that it's too gross of an idea to eat it, but it brought a smile on everyone's face and laugh about my idea. Hopefully my nausea will be gone within another 4 weeks and I will be back in the kitchen.  


  1. Congratulations Sahar! That is such happy news!! :)

  2. Thanks Polaris! :) Hopefully I'll be good enough to do some cooking with you while i'm in town! xxx


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