Mlle Cupcake

So being away so long is mostly because of hormones that left me unable to touch food. After that my energy level has been trailing and therefore our food was mostly fried rice, pasta with frozen sauce that I had made pre-pregnancy. So… now that my energy is coming back, some light has made its way through our windows this winter and most importantly my ability to look at food again has been restored, here we go again!

Mlle Cupcake is one of the only people I have seen make cake pops in Quebec. :) Bravo Mlle Cupcake! On t'aime déjà!

During the holidays a sweet hostess gifts I received was a cute little cookie kit from Mlle Cupcake. Today was yet another snow day. I kept my daughter from daycare in hopes she stays healthy during a stomach flu breakout. Phew! So we baked of course! 

The cute cookie dough was wrapped in a cupcake cloth and baby blue ribbon. Inside the fabric was the directions of how to prepare her dough into 24 cute, and yummy, little cookies. 

So, I defrosted the dough, cut it up into 24 pieces.

We preheated the oven to 350, placed 12 little cookies onto a cookie sheet. 

Baked them for 10 min a batch, and then, ENJOY!

Yummy! Merci Mademoiselle Cupcake. J'ai hâte de voir votre boutique en personne à Québec! 

If ever in Québec, I suggest visiting her boutique, until then-

her site: 

Let's have a fabulous 2012. Happy new year everyone!



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