Ash Reshteh - Persian Bean and Wheat Noodle Soup

Ash Reshteh is something my family makes every year for 13 bedar, the huge picnic ending the festivities of Persian New Year. Actually my beautiful grandparents are the ones that make it. They make it in 2 ways (with and without Kashk or Whey) and take a HUGE pot to the park and enjoy it all day. 


serves 12 -14
Takes about 1 hour to make


Nokhod Bonshan (Bean Mix)
Pinto beans (loobia chit) - 2 cans cooked at 19 oz each OR 2 cups dried
Lentils - 1 cup dried OR 2 cans
Chick Peas - 2 cans cooked 19oz each  OR 2 cups dried

Spinach - 3 bunches (about 1.5 lbs uncooked)
Green onions (just the green part) - 3 bunches
Parsley - 2 bunches
Cilnatro - 1/2 bunch

Reshteh (Wheat Persian Noodles) - 1 small packet but to taste (I like a lot so I used about 1 inch diameter)
Turmeric - 1 tablespoon
Salt and pepper to taste

Kask/Whey (optional)
Vinegar (red wine, apple cider, or white)


Onion - 7 medium onions quartered and sliced finely
Garlic- 3 full heads chopped finely
Dried mint - about 1 cup

Canola oil for frying


Soak all of your beans if you are making them from scratch (not from a can) over night. Then boil separately (so it goes faster) or start with your pinto beans and garbanzo beans and when they are half cooked add your lentils. 

Fry your turmeric and add to your mixture.

Cut and wash your spinach, cilantro, parsley, green onions. It should not be too finely cut, but not too coarsely either. If you are hesitant, cut it closer to being fine than coarse.

Add your greens to your bean mixture and let it simmer for at least 15 min. Add water as needed. The consistency should be that of a thick soup. Adjust to your taste.

Cut and fry your onions. Add the equivalent to one onion into your pot the rest set aside for toppings. Your onions should be caramelised and crispy.

Cut and fry your garlic. They brown quickly, be sure not to burn or they will turn bitter. Once slightly brown, set aside for toppings.

Rub and fry your mint. Basically you heat your oil (be very generous with your oil) once your oil is hot add your mint and after one stir of covering your mint with the oil evenly turn off your burner. If mint burns it, too, gets bitter. Set aside for your topping.

If you want to use kashk/whey, boil it for 20 min then add it to your ash. 

Cut your noodles in 3 or 4 and mix into your Ash mixture. Be sure to sprinkle them atop your soup so they do not clump and mix often. If you see you need to add water, add cold water so that your noodles don't clump together.

Without Kash and with Vinegar

With Kashk and no Vinegar.

Serve and top with your toppings and Enjoy!


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