This meal is something so easy that I made it as my afternoon activity with my 3  1/2 year old daughter! She loved it! It was messy, she was in control, and she got to eat her own creation and serve it to mommy and daddy as well!

This recipe (when I make it) takes me 15 min, 20 max. I highly suggest this for any parent to do with their kid. It's a hands on chemistry experiment, craft session, and montessori moment all rolled up in one, AND you get dinner on the table! There is pride involved as well as passion for the kids,  as well as empowerment and confidence building with when they are making dinner! 

I must note, however, that if you DO decide to involve your little one(s) in the preparation of the meal, be sure to have some self talk involved in the lines of : 

"I am ready to clean up a bigger mess than if I was cooking this alone. I am doing this to involve my child and allow him/her to experience ________ so I need to be patient and nurture that. I know if I was making this dish myself, it would take half or even 1/3 of the time it is taking me to do it with my munchkin, but it is the process that is more important" :) you get my drift!

I had a few "breathing it out" moments like when she cracked the egg and half of it landed on the fridge and the rest on the floor. Or when she decided to massage the meat in the breadcrumbs taking off all the breadcrumbs she had just layered on so nicely, leaving the meat patched and blobby… as well as the rest of the breadcrumbs in the plate... but it was edible and she was proud so I breathed through it and explained why we need to leave it on straight and showed her the burned and hardly browned areas because of the uneven breading. PHEW!


When you think of doing this, you will want to do this recipe all the time because it's so amazingly easy! You can substitute any meat as long as the cut is thin scaloppinies. 


Abut 6 scallopini slices - any meat you like, veal, turkey, chicken etc.
about 1.5 - 2 cups breadcrumbs
3 - 4 eggs (depending on how much lands on the floor :D)
Parsley - about 1.5 tablespoons
salt and pepper to taste
Oil like grape seed, canola, basically oil for frying. 


Break and beat your eggs


add your parsley and salt and pepper to your bread crumbs.

Heat the oil in your pan and start dipping! Egg, breadcrumbs, egg then breadcrumbs again and then fry! about 2 min on each side and it's cooked through! 

Be sure you have your sides, like veggies and pasta/rice whatever ready before you start frying your meat. it is so quick, you the rest will stay hot. 

We had spaghetti (my daughter's pick) with green beans. 

Then serve

and ENJOY!


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