Creamy Carrot Cabbage Apple Salad

Ok I was, again, CRAVING for this salad, and I have no idea why I have never had it! It's fresh, filling, healthy, and yummy! I originally wanted red cabbage but it's not the season for it yet and I couldn't get a hold of a small head at the market. Honestly I was too lazy to make it to the supermarket, so I took the yellow cabbage. I think it would be even better with red cabbage. Red cabbage has even greater nutritional value than other cabbages so yet another incentive to swap out the types if you can. To try once in season! :)



Carrots - about 2 lbs peeled and shredded (about 6 cups)
Cabbage - 1 small head (about the size of my fist covered by my other hand) (another 5-6 cups)
Apples  - of your choice I used gala (about 3 cups chopped)
Mayo - about 4 heaping tablespoons
White Vinegar - about .5 cup
Salt and pepper to taste
Lime - juice of 1 whole lime (Optional)

Serves 6-8
Takes like 15 min to make!


Peel and shred your carrots (use the food processor if possible takes like 2 min)
Cut your cabbage finely 

Cut your apples in large cubes 

Stir with the juice of 1 lime (or just add a bit of vinegar to stop the browning)

Add your salt and pepper to your mayo with your vinegar and add to your salad and stir.

So good. Serve and 



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