Cookie Cutters and Plate to PIxel


I am intimidated by cookies and digital photography... SO:

I am so excited, I just got my 101 Wilton cookie cutters. I have been following a few very talented ladies in their cookie adventures. Mostly Sugar Bell , Glorious Treats are my new obsessions. Their fantastic creations have inspired me to start cookie making. It scares me and blows my mind but I think it will be great fun! 

The Pilate to Pixel book is something that I figured I need. I am not satisfied with my photos for the blog, and Hélène Dujardin's story of starting out as a pastry chef and falling into photography is great inspiration for me to get with it! I want magical photos for everyone to enjoy, but more importantly to document my journey. 

All through high school I had my camera in hand and the darkroom was my second home. The smell of fix still brings back great memories (although I don't suggest it to anyone… can't be too healthy). I think the digital change turned me off and instilled this hidden anxiety about it all. Silly- yes. So I'm facing it. 

My promise to me, and to you, is to take a new step. I will get over my cookie fear and re awaken my photography spark. Hopefully from now on you will enjoy my photos as much as my recipes. 


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