Sucre à la Crème - Sugar and Cream Squares

This is a traditional Quebecois recipe that is very simple, however difficult at the same time. I watched as my mother-in-law make it to learn from the pro! We had to make it 2 times before we understood my microwave and the exact point RIGHT before it hardens. She use to make batches and batches of this for my husband and my brother-in-law when they were teenagers. I still hear his friends talk about her sucre à la crème they would feast on. My husband was craving a few things from his childhood and this was one of his requests. I asked my belle Maman to do it as I watched and decided to include it in my May posts in honor of mother's day. :) Merci Maman!


Brown sugar is not actually better for you than white sugar. It is still refined sugar that has just some percentage of molasses added to it along with some other chemicals to make it what we know as brown sugar. 


1 cup white granulated sugar
1 cup light brown sugar packed 
1 cup cream (35%)

Add your light brown sugar packed

Mix in your white sugar

and 1 cup cream.


Place in your microwave for 7 1/2 min (varries between microwaves. Set between 6-11min)

let sit for 30 min.

Prepare your pan by layering it with wax paper in both directions.

This is the tricky part. Use an electric blender to blend until it starts thickening. JUST BEFORE it gets hard, while STILL liquid, pour into your 4x4 prepared mold layered with wax paper. Pour and spread in your mold.

While still malleable form evenly in mold.

IF YOU DO IT WRONG: this is what happens. You can use it as sugar to cook with, snack on, mix in your tea… but you'll have to start over.

When cooled and hardened a bit (not completely) cut into desired shapes.

Let cool and 



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