Marilou's Mango and Avocado Salad

This is a fabulous, fresh and nutritious salad that my friend Marilou taught me last year. It is quick, easy, and super good for you. 


"If you buy unripe mangoes, put them in a paper bag in a dark place and they will ripen within a few days. Eat ripe mangoes raw for maximum vitamin C content, or eat them with a little fat such as a whole yogurt or in a salad dressed with olive oil, to better absorb their carotenes" - 100 Best Health Foods  
This is a tip you can use to eat all high carotene content foods (usually yellow/orange foods) with some fat, because carotenes are fat solubles so it is through fats that they are broken down and better absorbed into your body! 


Mango - 1 large
Avocado - 1 
Basil - Fresh about a handful chopped
Olive oil - a generous drizzle
Tomato - either 1 large tomato diced or a pint of cherry tomatoes halved
Salt and Pepper to taste
Lime - juiced freshly directly onto avocado (for flavor as well as avoiding oxidising of avocado)

Serves 2-3 as a side 1 as a meal 
Takes about 15 min to make


Peel and cut your avocado into cubes

Peel and cut your mango into cubes

Cut your tomatoes

Chop your basil

add you Olive oil and salt and pepper

Add your lime juice

 Mix it all together and get ready to serve


PS Aren't Gerber daisies just BEAUTIFUL!? They are absolutely my favorite flower! I always say, the color they have is so rich you think it will be left on your finger when you touch its bright petals.


  1. I just got some gerber daisies at Trader Joe's this week! I love how you placed it in every shot, as if the daisy is making the recipe :)

  2. I'm glad you liked it! Don't Gerber Daisies just make it a requirement to smile!? Enjoy your bouquet!

  3. I LOVE your pictures! With that salad, I like to add shrimps;)

  4. Sounds great, something to try, thanks Dan!


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