Salad Olovieh - Persian Potato Chicken Salad

Salad Olovieh is something my whole family loves. We normally take to 13 bedar or any other pick-nick. This and Kotlet are our travel "car foods". It is also commonly found on our table as an hors d'oeuvre with some freshly sliced baguette. We eat salad olovieh, unlike American potato salad, as a sandwich filler. We normally use it to fill pita bread or sliced baguettes. Pick your favourite bread to enjoy this with. Great summer dish and super popular at parties among all ethnicities! Even my father-in-law who refuses to eat peas loved this dish!


Some families make this recipe with lemon juice instead of vinegar. Make it either way. I personally prefer it with vinegar, however I know my aunt likes it better with lemon juice. It's really a personal preference. A second family debate is between the size of the cut of the foods. I like all the ingredients to be the size of the green pea, but others like the chunky pieces. Do as you wish, personally it's all delish!

Potatoes - 12 large (size of a medium fist) chopped
Eggs - 24 hard boiled diced
Frozen Peas - 2 cups  thawed and drained
Chicken - 1 rotisserie chicken shredded no skin
Persian pickles - 4 cans (11 oz each)
Mayonnaise - 30 heaping tablespoons (about the size of 1 Costco mayo container 1.9L)
Vinegar (white or red wine) - 1/2 cup
Salt and pepper to taste

Serves about 30 (you can easily half this recipe)
Takes about 2 hours to make (depending on how quickly and small you chop)


Boil your eggs, Cook your potatoes

Let your peas thaw out after a few rinses of warm/hot water.

While your eggs and potatoes are cooking shred your chicken (you can chop it into small cubes my Amoo F. (uncle) does that. Personal Preference).

Chop your pickles to the size of your peas. 

Everything should be cut to the size of your peas.

Mix your vinegar, salt and pepper with your mayo in a separate container. I usually put it in a zip lock tub and shake it together. It is easier to get the "dressing" consistent and easier to mix into your food.

Once your eggs and potatoes are cooked, peel them both and start chopping away.

Mix in your eggs and potatoes with your chicken along with your pickles.

Add your dressing mix (Mayo, vinegar salt and pepper)

Serve with some Pita bread, baguette or your favourite bread and


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