Juicy Turkey Recipe - Part 1 of 2

Ok so I am not a huge fan of ground turkey, flavour wise. HOWEVER, I know it is so good for us. This recipe has made me fall back in love with ground turkey! For real. 

So there are 2 ways to make this with pretty much the same ingredients. I made this from just thinking "what can I do to make this juicy and hide my veggies so my daughter will get what she needs?" FABULOUS! It freezes well, and tastes fan-TASTIC!  You can get creative and add whatever veggies you have. Let me know if you make something even better! 

Mushrooms are the only plant food (veggie or fruit) that contains a natural source of vitamin D! Be careful though, it is still a fungus and ingesting too much of it can also be harmful. (Big Red Book)

Serves 8-10
takes about 30 - 50 min to make

Ground Turkey - 3 lbs
Bell Peppers - 2 of any color choice medium in size (the size of your fist each)
Mushrooms - 1 cup
Parsley - fresh or dried a handful
Onion - 1 large
Garlic - 4 or 5 cloves
Zucchini - 1 large to medium
(I have even added an apple instead of the mushrooms once and it was yummy)
Turmeric - 1 tablespoon
Cinnamon - .25 teaspoon
Cumin - 1 tablespoon

Either add about 2 tablespoons of Montreal Steak spice 


garlic powder (no salt added)
Fennel seeds - .5 teaspoon 
Salt and pepper to taste

you will also need
2 cups frozen macedoine mix (Mixed vegetables of peas, carrots, corn and cut peas)


Put your bell peppers


Onion and Garlic

Zucchini (and apple if you wish) into a food processor and blend until completely puréed. 

Mix in your spices and blend and parsley once again.

Place your meat in a frying pan with some oil.

Add your purée of veggies into the pan and fry until the liquids have evaporated and you have pieces of meat (like normal fried meat. It will remain a bit juicier but still you'll see what I mean when you get there). 

For this version, I also add 1-2 cups of frozen mixed vegetables at the very end. For my daughter I usually just add it frozen into the meat to cool down the meal and serve otherwise for adults I add the 2 cups and stir, then turn off the heat. You don't want to over cook your frozen veggies, then they'll be just mush and you'll lose the texture we are looking for in your food.

I like this with quinoa or couscous. Serve on top and ENJOY!



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