Owl Cookies and Cake

Guess WHOOO is going to be an Aunt Again!?

So the happy news is that I'm going to be an aunty! :) My brother and sister-in-law are expecting the first little boy of the family in August. We are all super excited. I was asked to bring the desserts for the shower and was thrilled to do so. Of course every party has a theme, and this one was OWLS!


The cookies were with the colors of the party she had told me. I used a tulip cookie cutter and cut off the stem before I baked it of course. My cookie recipe and royal frosting recipe comes from Sugarbelle

I used orange sesame seeds covered in chocolate for the beak

I wanted to include my daughter in the gift giving and of course the arrival of her cousin. So I thought a piece of art for him would be a nice gift and keepsake from her to him. 

I cut up tissue paper in the form of an owl to fit the canvas. 

Then I set it up, without glue, and took a picture and showed her the picture, a  tube of white glue and a paintbrush and said go for it. 

She loved it! She was also super good at it! I was impressed! She's 4 1/2 years old so you can gauge in case you want to try it with any shapes and forms you wish for your little one. 

I also wrapped the huge Costco boxes of diapers for them and painted owls on it to add to the theme. 

My theory is that when you add things, like the wrapping paper, it also adds to the decorations. Things that are "used" up are the best. So cookies, cakes, wrapping paper.. etc. :)

She had owl napkins and I had found owl toothpicks I gave to my mother-in-law to pick into her bites.

She had cute name tags to label the cheeses. 

Then the dessert! :) I got the idea from spoonful.com

It had the babies

Everyone loved it. 



  1. Oh my gosh Sahar, those owl cookies and decorations are adorable!! Sometime this year, it is on my bucket list to make at least one recipe from your blog! (I know that sounds like I'm holding the bar pretty low, but for me, that is ambitious, lol.)


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