Red Meat Cubes for Persian Khoresht (Khoresh) Stews

The base of every khoresh (Persian/Iranian stews) is red meat cubes. 

Here is the recipe to make a quick link for later recipes that will be using this. You can use beef, veal or lamb. Traditionally it's lamb or beef. But make your choice. Chicken can work as well if you wish. I fry the meat cubes in big batches. I use ragout meat cut in cubes or any cut of meat that is normally "tough" because you will fry it once then stew it for minimum 3 hours later, making it tender and super good.

This is a great way to be eating less meat, but still have some protein in your food. I also love to make big batches and freeze the meat. I make my khoresh (stews) in parts and freeze it so I always have a great meal in the freezer ready to come together an become "fresh" for dinner. 

Makes about 4 khoreshts
Takes about 30-45 min to make


Khoresh is the correct way of saying it, however in Tehran, it is pronounced Khoresht (with the "T"). See you're learning Farsi already! 


Red Meat in cubes- about 4 lbs of cubed meat
Cinnamon - 1 teaspoon
Turmeric - 1tablespoon
Salt and Pepper - to taste
Oil - vegetable (to tolerate the heat) about half a cup
Onions - 1 large chopped


Cut your onions.

Add your raw meat.

Add your Oil

Add your spices.

Fry a bit until no longer red, add your onions (added later so they don't burn). 
* I say that, but when I'm lazy, I just dump it all in at the same time and fry it along. 
** Traditionally you ALSO make some fried onions (like another whole onion) on the side called "Piaz Daagh". A true Iranian Foodie will taste the difference (ie: my Grandfather will know)!!! 

Fry until golden brown.

Divide the huge batch into 4. Each khoresh will get 1/4 of the meat batch. When you add that meat to your stew, you will get about 4-6 servings out of each khoresh (stew). I put the divided meat in Ziploc bags, or wrap it in plastic wrap, then in a big freezer Ziploc bag and freeze. That way I always have a quick, go to, healthy meal ready to start that is delectable! 

So you can either freeze or add one portion of the meat to your khoresh (stew) right away to start simmering and tenderizing, then of course, 


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