St. Jean Baptiste Cookies

So this year I made some cookies to share with friends and my hubby's co-workers. I thought I would share some unexpected photos. 

Of course there are these pretty photos of the results. 

However there are a few things that went wrong, that I thought why not share!? The uglier side! 

 The mess!

This idea I had at about 1 am was not the greatest idea. I had made frosting and thought I had another big bag of powdered sugar to make a blue batch. Not such a thing. The cookies were for the next day and nowhere is open here at that time. Such a mess. I ended up having to do something different. Paint on the cookies with blue food coloring. It took forever to dry, and was not a great idea.

 So Don't do that! :D 

At about 1 am I made a stencil. It was not that bad. I think it would have been better with frosting. But still a useful tool I have kept for later use. 

This also was a horrific trial. So I only made 2 of each.

Regardless, it was a fun experience and the cookies were still yummy! 

Enjoy and Bonne St. Jean! 


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