Cilantro Kale Hummus

So my second obsession this summer is this hummus! (my first is the watermelon strawberry raspberry smoothie) Hummus is one of the things to me that is so silly to pay for pre-made. You can freeze it, make it, and enjoy it fresh. It's just so much healthier when you make it because you really can use 100% olive oil instead of a mix of less healthier oils. You also get less salt. It literally takes no more than 30 min to make either.

My favorite to eat it with is of course pita chips. You can make your chips, but I didn't and don't. For me turning on the oven is just a bit much.

Last benefit of making your own hummus: you can up the health kick by putting thins like KALE in it! :) Gread use of kale where your food still tastes like what it is.

So who knew but you can freeze hummus for later use! 

Also I love making sandwiches out of the hummus with a couple of sliced tomatoes, between two pieces of bread, great pick-nick food!

Seriously any reason to eat more Garbanzo beans/chickpeas you should they are super good for you! Read on:


Kale- 1 cup pressed
Cilantro - 1 bunch (about 1 cup to 1.5 cups)
Garlic - 6 - 8 cloves (obviously to taste)
Garbanzo beans - 2 cans (19 oz each) rinsed
Paprika - 1 tablespoon (to taste)
Pepper- to taste
Olive oil - add enough to make the flavor you wanted and consistency (mostly consistancy)
Lemon - juice of 1 (about .25 cup) 
Tahini sauce - 1 tablespoon

add 1 cup grated carrots

Takes about 30 min to make
Serves 10-12
Makes - 1 full food processors worth :D


Place your cilantro in the food processor

Pour over your garbanzo beans

then add your kale smushing it into the food processor.

Crush your garlic into the mix. You want to either microplane it or crush it because you don't want little pieces left on accident to bite down on. It's going to be raw so some people… most people don't like it.

Add your paprika and salt and pepper.

Add your lemon juice.

Add your tahini sauce.

Add your oil and keep mixing until smooth.

Serve and top with some more extra virgin olive oil.

dig in with some pita chips and ENJOY!


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