Watermelon Strawberry Raspberry Smoothie

I am fully obsessed with this smoothie this year. It is like melted candy to me. I love the refreshing flavors, cooling effects, and happy dance on my taste buds.


Did you know watermelon is classified in the Squash family, that includes things like cucumbers, other melons (cantaloupe, honeydew) and things like winter squash, and summer squash! From the fabulous source of On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee.


Watermelon - 4 cups cubed
Strawberries - 2 cups (frozen)
Raspberries - .5 cup

Makes 6.5 cups
Serves 3-5 people
Takes 10 min to make


Chop up your watermelon and place in the blender first. (this will give the liquid needed for your blender to blend easier with less chances of it blocking).

Add your frozen strawberries (or fresh but I prefer frozen) I like frozen because it adds an extra slushy texture to the drink.

Then your touch of raspberries. Here frozen or fresh depending on how slushy you want the smoothie to be. 

Then if you want any extras like chia seeds, hemp seeds, whatever makes you happy, now is the time to add it in. 

Pour into your favorite glass and...



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