Couscous With Chicken Chips

Here is my last Minute Couscous with Chicken "Chips" (For a gluten free variation use millet instead of couscous) My "shoot I have no dinner ready" go-to recipe. Still healthy, complete and super easy!

Takes about 30 min to make 
Serves about 4

The darker the color of chickpea, the higher the antioxidants in it! Yes Antioxidants in Chickpeas! (


Dried Parsley - 2 table spoons
Dried Mint - 1 tsp
Turmeric .5 tsp
Chicken Bouillon Cube

(Salt to taste - but be careful you have salt in your rotisserie chicken and your bouillon. I didn't add salt as my husband will add salt regardless of the saltiness of the dish).

Couscous (or millet) - 2 cups dried
Boiling water - 2 cups

Rainbow chickpeas - 19 oz (if you are making your own about 2 cups)
Onion - half, finely chopped (or a bunch of green onions finely chopped)
Frozen veggies - 2 cups (My mix had peas, green beans, chopped carrots, Lima beans, carrots and corn)

Vegetable oil - about 2 table spoons (enough to brown your chicken)
Chicken - 1 lb (rotisserie chicken de-boned, about a half)

1. Start your chicken on medium flame to fry with oil.
2. Mix your spices with the boiled water
3. Add your veggies, chickpeas and onions to the water mixture.
4. Add in your Couscous, Microwave for 2 min and fluff.
5. Serve with some yogurt mixed with dried mint and pepper and you have a great, complete meal!


Start with the chicken first. I usually have de-boned rotisserie chicken in the freezer in small ziplock bags. I weighed it and it is about 1 lb. So manage that as you will. 

My husband calls this "Chicken Chips" because what I do is i fry it slowly on medium heat until it is SUPER crispy and golden brown add in pepper at the end so the pepper keeps its flavor. I don't add salt because the rotisserie chickens are so salty anyway. 


2. I mix in my spices first in a microwave safe bowl I will put the Couscous in (WITHOUT the Couscous right now). I then mix in the water and stir everything, this way everything is nicely dispersed and my chicken bouillon is dissolved. Leading to even spice coverage of the couscous. So spices + boiling water.

3. Rinse your frozen veggies so they defrost a bit add to the spice and water mixture along with your chickpeas.

4. Add in your 2 cups of dried Couscous. Stir, you will have what looks like excess water, don't worry put it in the microwave for about 2 min. Take out and fluff! Ready to serve!

For the gluten free recipe, basically cook your millet with the spices above, then mix in your veggies and chickpeas once the millet is cooked and still warm. 

Plain Yogurt, pepper and dried mint to taste with a bit of salt. 


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