Tina's Tomato Soup

This recipe was my mission for my cousin who was visiting us in Montreal in winter. She doesn't really like any soup but tomato soup, so I had to find a way to make it because i'm crazy like that! So thanks to her, I have a tomato soup recipe. Today it was rainy, still so I felt like soup!

Takes about 30 min
serves  4-5
Freezable- without the cream


Tomatoes are great for so many things and are especially a great source of lycopene that helps fight cancer. When cooked it is absorbed into body easier than when raw. You need about 1 cup of tomatoes a week for a good dose of lycopene. 



Carrots - about 2 medium/small sized ones roughly chopped
Onion - 1 small roughly chopped
Garlic - handful of cloves (about 6-7) roughly chopped

Diced tomatoes - two 28 oz cans. (the jumbo cans)
1 bullion cube w 1.5 cups water or 1.5 cups broth (adjust to the texture you prefer)

Parsley - dried 2 tablespoon
Basil - dried 2 tablespoon
Oregano - dried .5 teaspoon
Turmeric - .25 teaspoon

Salt and Pepper to taste
Optional: cooking cream


1. start by frying your onions, garlic and carrots. Chop up your carrots (smaller than in my photo) because the rate at which your soup cooks is the rate at which your carrots are cooked through). This is a very important step as the nutty flavour of the browned onions and garlic add a great layer of flavour to your soup.

2. Add two LARGE cans of diced tomatoes. Now this is important because as my experiences have shown the tartness of the tomatoes are so much better for the soup than paste. If you're not picky about the precise flavour, it works, if not, use the diced tomatoes. The paste is too sweet.

3. Add in your spices.

4. Let your concoction boil until your carrots become tender. (check it with your spoon to see if it cuts easily.)

5. Emulsify/Purify

6. What I do is add cream to each serving. I am trying to cut calories, so I tend to decorate with 1 teaspoon of cream for a hint of flavour. My husband can eat a whole cow and still lose weight, so for him I put in about 5 tablespoons in until the color is pinkish. 

The best part is having fun with the cream and decorating. Have fun and let go… and eat up! :) 


  1. I love soups (even in summer time) and this tomato soup recipe sounds great! I also love Persian cuisine. I am sure I am going to enjoy your blog.


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