For the Love of Cooking - Things I Always have in my Refrigerator

 I am calling this February's entries: "For the Love of Cooking". I have realised that there is a logic to cooking that not everyone has. I decided to help out in particular one of my very close friends who has made it her new years resolution to cook! Lets call her Tia Isa. Tia Isa recently became a mommy to an adorable little girl and realised as she stated, "J can't always be eating Cheerios". :) Cracks me up every time. 

I know she is not alone on this journey and perspective. So I have dissected my kitchen and my logic and am going to be posting easy recipes, quick recipes, as well as reasons for what I have, do and think. My goal is to awaken your cooking logic to fit your lifestyle. I hope I can inspire more than Tia Isa to eat at home and take the time to cook. I promise it is a lot easier than you think! 

For the love of cooking let's do this!


If you cook at home you can save loads of money, eat healthier, and therefore feel better physically. Processed foods have so much extra "stuff"(especially salt) that you would never use when making your own food and isn't the best for your health.

I have made a list of things I have in my refrigerator at all times. With these ingredients (and those in my must have freezer and pantry) I know I can whip up SOMETHING quick and relatively nutritious in less than 30 min.

NOTE Everything here is important that you buy at the quality standards you expect. Read labels, avoid extra ingredients that don't need to be in your foods. Organic is always a plus (especially in high fatty foods, like dairy products and eggs, that keep the "ikies" in them).

Butter (salted and unsalted)
Soy Sauce
Mustard (Yellow and Dijon)


EGGS- When I have eggs I am reassured. What do I see? Fritata, Omelette, Quiche, baked goods, Breakfast foods (crêpes, french toast, pancakes etc.) or just plain EGGS! Great source of protein, omegas and so quick and easy to make!

MILK - With milk of course comes cereal. But for me milk is my base for sauce, again baking, mashed potatoes. Now I chose Milk over cream because cream tends to go bad quickly in my refrigerator. Perhaps in yours it is used up at a reasonable pace so you aren't throwing it away half full. If so take creme as well. 

BUTTER - you just need butter. Butter is not bad for you it is the quantity that can harm you. Butter is actually better than all the other alternatives that are man made (i.e.: margarine etc) Salted for cooking unsalted for baking. Again bases for sauces, or just for toast. You need it.

SOY SAUCE- (I buy low sodium) because it is a necessity for anything Chinese and a kick to marinades or sauces.

ONIONS - because I use it in almost everything I cook.

GARLIC - see onions :)

TOMATOES - because it's nice to have something fresh to always add. Cooked or fresh it's filled with nutrients and stores well and if it is going bad, you wash it, dice it and freeze it in a little zip lock bag! Ready for you to use next time. 

POTATOES - A filler, a side, a meal. So much in one little root. Great to have on hand, stores well and always yummy.

MAYO and MUSTARD- can be used in cooking, marinades, and of course as condiments. 

OLIVES - a good filler for things (omelets, pizza, quiche etc.) that are still good for you but yummy at the same time. 

JAM - for toast, and baking… when I'm out of fruit and need something quick.  

Let me know if I have overlooked anything or something original in your fridge that can benefit us all with your logic behind it! 

Fridge Filled… CHECK! 
Get ready to Enjoy!


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