In the Spirit of Freezing - Spinach, Cilantro, Green Onions and Parsley

Yesterday I went to the market and decided that this week I have some room in my freezer and so I will break up my days and with a little effort, prepare a few meals.

I thought I continue sharing my logic and process as to show that there is some peace in my madness :)

I bought:

3 bunches of Spinach
3 bunches of Cilantro
6 bunches of Green Onions
4 bunches of Flat Leaf Parsley
1 bunch of regular Parsley
1 Romain Lettuce

It took me about 1 hour to wash all of the above.

but what comes out of it all?

Today I spend about another hour or so chopping it all up in the food processor and frying it. Getting piles of my greens.

Tomorrow I will make something out of it all, and freeze the rest. 

From it all I have the difficult part of the following done:

8 servings of Allo Esfenaj (Persian Prune and Spinach Stew with red meat)
8 servings Ghorme Sabzi (Persian Stew with greens, red kidney beans and red meat)
4-6  servings of Kookoo Sabzi (a crustless quiche type Persian Meal traditional for Persian New Year)
and some onions to chomp on, garnish with or make fried rice with (like I did last night for dinner)
Now that's awesome. Ok maybe a bit too enthusiastic but I truly feel that way! 

How I wash my veggies, herbs, and even fruit is with Vinegar! 

Even my delicate raspberries? I wash with vinegar and rinse after. Nobody has EVER detected a taste. 

I use regular White vinegar I buy in bulk from Costco. It is my cleaning solution for most everything. Non-toxic and a natural disinfectant! And inexpensive. 

I put it in a dollar store spray bottle and use it ALL THE TIME!

Also it makes me feel like my pesticides have been washed off of my fruits and veggies (if I am not buying organic).

Hope this tip helps... ENJOY!


  1. Ooh... the spray bottle is brilliant! I need to get one for vinegar.


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