Kabab Digi - Kabab in a Dish

Kabab Digi is a quick fix for me it takes about an hour to make. You can really prepare the night before  in your Pyrex dish and leave it in your refrigerator. When you get home, turn on your oven and pop it in for 40 min. By the time you prepare your rice or sides, you are almost ready to eat! Super easy! 


My grandfather says my Kabab Digi is too thick. He makes it on the stove and a lot thinner than me (perhaps a final measurement (cooked) at 1/4 inch thick) Decide on what you like and be sure to adjust your meat and spices accordingly. I think it is just much easier in the oven as I don't have to stand on my feet while it cooks and watch it. Thicker kabobs means less portions to me. So call me lazy. :)


Ground Beef (or just red meat) - about 2.5 lbs
Onion - 1 large grated
Garlic - 2 cloves crushed or finely grated
Turmeric - 3/4 teaspoon
Cinnamon - 1/3 teaspoon
Salt and pepper to taste - about 1 teaspoon salt and 1 teaspoon pepper
Tomatoes - about 5 medium sized sliced in rounds

Serves about 4-6 people
Takes about an hour to cook
Takes about 20-30 min to prep


Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F

Mix your ground beef (or what you chose to use in red meat) 

with your onions and garlic.

Add your Cinnamon

Add your Turmeric

Add your Salt and Pepper and mix. It is something you do with your hands. You can use a plastic disposable medical glove to do so if it's just too much for you.

Spread the meat in the Pyrex and cover with foil. Place in the oven.

While it is cooking, slice the tomatoes into round slices about 1cm thick

After it is cooked about 40 min (when it has shrunk and browned a bit), take it out and cut into pieces and separate so the juices are between each slice of kabob. 

Add your tomatoes on top. Pour some of the juices onto the tomatoes and kabobs. Put back in the oven. I literally cover it with tomatoes so you no longer can see the meat. Tomatoes are what adds to your final dish.

Pull out once your meat is browned nicely along with your tomatoes. If your meat juices are gone and your tomatoes are still not a bit brown, put your oven on broil. Be sure to put a timer because it would just stink if you burnt your dish at the very last min. (I speak from sorrowful experience!)

You can serve it with Persian rice and a side of Salad Shirazi or Yogurt and cucumbers (Masto Khiar). My mom always served with Fried potato rounds as well as some extra fried tomatoes on the side. I always love mine with some green onions or just raw onions! YUM!

If you're feeling adventurous or traditional, feel free to top your kabob with some Sumac. It's a tart red powder believed to aid in digestion. Persians eat it with Kabob, a heavy mea, and follow their kabob with some nice Ceylon tea to, again, aid in digestion.



  1. So THAT'S how it is made!! I feel like I've been let in on a special Modares secret. :D

  2. Rach! Sorry for the disappointment, but no. The ones my dad makes are much more complicated. Spices are pretty much the same. I think he might use an egg... I'll try to get that up one day, but it won't be me making them. :) It's really an art to make it on the BBQ and a skewer and not have it all fall into your grill. :)

  3. I keep coming back to look at this recipe. It looks amazing!

  4. I have some in my freezer :) come on over! No but for real i'll make you some at your own place for you to freeze. Super easy! Next time I'm in AZ :)

  5. I'm so excited to be making this tonight! I'm sure we're going to love it!

  6. Wow how exciting! Let me know how it goes! I hope Polaris is there to have some too! :)

  7. Yum-Yum Sahar! I knew we were going to love your recipe! So easy to prepare and very tasty! Iván liked it so much he had to have seconds. We ate it with brown rice and an avocado cilantro salad. Next time we'll have the kabab with the Salad Shirazi. Our tummies and taste buds thank you for this delicious recipe! xox

  8. How funny, I had some in my freezer and I put together the EXACT same combo for Donya and My husband today :) Glad you enjoyed it. xxx YAY!

  9. Thanks for the step by step instructions and mouth watering photos!

  10. My pleasure Fardad! Hope it helped and made your kitchen and belly a better place. ;) Happy Dabbling!


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