Board Meeting Snacks - Pesto Salad

I made some snacks for my hubby's board meeting. It is hot, I'm not going to set up a huge heating service, it has to be easy, individual and fresh. I had made individual sandwiches last time so I needed something else, and something easy at that. What did I make!? 

Veggies in individual glass bowls with a triangle of cheese, Pesto Salad and some Fruit Salad Parfaits! YUM! 

 F U N D A B B L E R   F A C T 

Eating raw is considered a great way to get a high nutritional diet, however you usually are missing lycopene, something you get from cooked tomatoes! 

Previously I had put out a bowl of veggies for people to serve themselves, I learned that nobody wants or dares touch. SO this time I made little glass bowls filled with individual servings of veggies. My bowls are about 4 inches in diameter. I think everyone had at least 1 bowl! Success!


Every fall I make my own pesto. Great fun. The house smells great but seriously lots of work but totally worth it! I freeze them in ice cube trays then transfer them to a big ziplock bag in my freezer. They help me on busy days and add a bit of spice to many dishes.

Takes about 30 min to make
Serves  4 - 6 (larger portions than what is pictured)

My favorite quick pesto salad recipe:

Grape Tomatoes - about 2 cups
Pasta - I use rotini so it holds on to the pesto and more flavor; a 500g package
Pesto - about 4 oz (adjust to your preference)
Olive oil - about 3 table spoons
Pine nuts - about 1/2 cup
Pearl Bocconcini - a medium tub (about 1 cup) drained
Fresh chives or basil on top
Salt and Pepper to taste


Make your pasta to the package instructions drain
mix the rest of your ingredients chill and serve! Super easy! Super yummy!

For the fruit salad parfait, literally just made a finely chopped fruit salad, layered it in a disposable "wine glass": layer of fruit salad, layer of mini chocolate chips, orange zest whipped cream, then start all over again. Fresh, yummy, and EASY!



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