Sweet Mango Zucchini Couscous with Raw Pistachios Salad

I had this salad at my mother-in-law's one time. She gets salads from her neighbour Rosy who makes these salads professionally. I never wrote down the recipe, or asked her for the actual recipe. So this is from memory, meaning her salad is more delicious than mine. I added the happy surprise of pistachios! YUMM! Regardless I LOVE this salad. Hope you enjoy it too. It's refreshing and super quick and easy to make.


Pistachios are great for so many things. "A serving of Pistachios will give you 3 grams of fiber which is the same as instant oatmeal and more than a bowl of cheerios. Pistachio nuts are the only nuts to contain two carotenoids.   These carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin are associated with eye health.  Both help reduce the risk for age-related macular degeneration which is the leading cause of acquired blindness for the aging in America" 

Takes about 30 min to make
Serves 4-6 


Mangoes - 2
Zucchini - 2
Dried parsley - 2 table spoons

Couscous - 1.5 cup
Boiling water - 1.5 cups
Belle Peppers - 1 large orange
Dried Cranberries - 1 cup
Orange Juice - 1/4 cup (or juice of 1 fresh orange)

Raw Pistachios - 1 cup
Salt and pepper to taste
Olive oil - 1/2 cup
Cinnamon - pinch


Mix your 1.5 cups of dried couscous 

with your parsley, salt and pepper and dash of cinnamon. Add your 1.5 boiling water. Stir. Place in Microwave for 2 min. Fluff when out.

Cut your mangoes

Cut your zucchinis

Cut your belle peppers

Add your dried cranberries 

Add your OJ

Mix with your Couscous 

Add your olive oil

Mix and serve Sprinkle with with some raw pistachios, it gives it a great crunchy creamy texture. So good! 



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