Mélanie's Salad

This is Mélanie's salad. I love it and always have since the day I put it in my mouth! She makes it better of course, it's originally her dad's recipe. It's a vinegary, savory, happy texture party in your mouth. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It works in all seasons, not just summer. She says the trick is in the olives and palm hearts! If your olives are great, and your palm hearts tender, your salad will be great.


Baby corn is just that, immature harvested corn! Traditionally in Asian (Chinese) cuisine but making its way to the western world.


Mini Corn - 1 can (about 1 cup)
Green olives - 1 cup
Hard Cheese - Gouda is my choice, but white cheddar is good too about 1 cup of 1.5 cm cubes
Tomatoes - 2 large; largely cut
Cucumber - 1 English cucumber; largely cut
Palm of hearts - 1 can cut...largely
Balsamic Vinegar - about 1/4 cup
Olive oil - about 1/4 cup
Pepper to taste

Serves about 6
Takes about 20 min to make


Chop your mini corn

Chop your cucumber

Chop your tomatoes

Add your olives

Add your Palm of hearts

Chop your cheese 

Add your pepper, oil, and vinegar



  1. Made it and enjoyed it! Bah bah!

  2. Shobeir, I make it with avocado now. I should update the post. It is SO much better. Try it next time. Add 1 ripe avocado chopped in cubes. DELISH! Glad you tried it! :)


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