Radish Salad

I just wanted to make something with radishes. I love them and they are local and in season now. The flavour is delicious and very full of water so a refreshing summer salad. The nuts and sesame seeds add an Asian touch, super yummy!

Makes about 4-6 servings
Takes about 20 min to make


You  can used a raw radish puree as a face mask to refresh and soothe the face! HAH! Other than that they are filled with great stuff to fight cancer too!


Radishes - about 20  coarsely chopped
Blanched cut raw almonds - about 1/4 cup 
Granny Smith Apples - 2 medium sized apples

Sesame Seed - about 3 table spoons
Lemon - 1 juiced 
Salt and Pepper to taste


Chop your Radishes

Add your Almonds

Juice and add your lemon

Add you Apples

Add your Sesame Seeds with your S&P

Mix and serve!


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