Brown Rice Salad

Need for Fiber? Try this recipe! Super healthy yummy and easy to make! Kid friendly too! I find that when raw veggies are diced finely and mixed with pasta or rice, my 2 year old can no longer separate the "good from the bad" and ends up eating it all! YAY for mommy tricks!

Takes about 1 hour to make
Serves about 6-8


White rice is processed brown rice, which is why brown rice has so many more nutrients, it has not been stripped of it! 


Broccoli - small head
Frozen peas, carrots, beans and corn - 1 cup
Dried parsley - 1 tablespoon 
Ground cumin - 1 teaspoon 
Dried mint - 1/2 teaspoon 
cinnamon - a dash
salt and pepper to taste
green onions chopped  - half a bunch of 
Cheddar or your choice of hard cheese - about 400 g of  (or more _ YUM) diced in 1cm cubes
Brown rice (uncooked) - 4 cups 
Bouillon cube - 1 
Black Beans - 1 can rinsed
Bell peppers - 2 large the color of your choice (red and orange are better nutritionally speaking) diced
zucchini - 1 large diced 
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar

Avocado - 1 diced and sprinkled with with lime juice
Add mayo


First Cook your rice - 4 cups rice add enough water so that water sits 2 cm above the top of the levelled rice and a bouillon cube. 

While that cooks, dice your Cheese

Dice your bell peppers

Defreeze your cup of frozen veggies.

Cut your green onions

Rinse and add your black beans

Add your spices.

Blanch and cut your broccoli

Add your zucchini (yellow or green whatever you have on hand)

Add in your oil and vinegar and stir.

OPTIONAL: Add your Avocado if you choose to. This is a great alternative to adding the mayo, you get the creamy flavor. Just be sure to add your vinegar at the same time to avoid browning of your avocado. 


Mayo to taste

Serve and Enjoy!


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